Government, Engineering and Construction

Major infrastructure projects require experience, reliability, efficiency and accuracy – key attributes of the Connelly team.

Our decades of experience, together with the latest tools and techniques, deliver the highest quality outcomes for the most challenging engineering projects.

Specialised Services

Our processes and the services we offer, have been tailored to suit the challenging requirements of the Government, Engineering and Construction sector and include:

  • Building setout
  • Engineering and civil surveys & setout
  • Cross section & earthworks design
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Topographic & mapping surveys
  • Contour & details surveys
  • Volumetric surveys & calculations
  • Detailed structural surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Laser scanning (TLS)
  • Establishment of high order permanent survey marks
  • First & second order control surveys
  • Fast static post processed GPS

For more information on the range of surveying services that we offer, please click here. 

Government, Engineering and Construction – Project Case Studies –

For an example of some of the government, engineering and construction projects that we have been involved in, please click here to view some of our project case studies..


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